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Persons having biographies in History of Santa Cruz County (Harrison-1892). The biography section begins on page 227 of the online version available in Google Books. A subsection gives brief biographies of members of the "El Pajaro Parlor" and "Santa Cruz Parlor" of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Members included many wives/daughters of men with biographies elsewhere in the book.

Persons having biographies in this book, but lacking sufficient local information/connection to merit a separate page in this wiki (those referenced on others' pages not listed here): Bacon, Edward p344/442G (Google); Bixby, A. W. p368-478G (1849-1924, Watsonville doctor, died in Hayward); Bonham, J. F. p364/472G, Watsonville dentist; French, Sherman p283/357G, born in Watsonville 1865 but parents not named; Greene, W. H., p249/309G, Soquel mason;

Persons having biographies in this book, and meriting but lacking a page in this wiki:

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