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Persons having biographies in History of Santa Cruz County (Harrison-1892). The biography section begins on page 227 of the online version available in Google Books. A subsection gives brief biographies of members of the "El Pajaro Parlor" and "Santa Cruz Parlor" of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Members included many wives/daughters of men with biographies elsewhere in the book.

Persons having biographies in this book, but lacking sufficient local information/connection to merit a separate page in this wiki (those referenced on others' pages not listed here):

  • Austin, L. B. p251/338A (Acrobat); no info on activities after coming to Santa Cruz in 1877.
  • Bacon, Edward p344/442G (Google).
  • Bixby, A. W. p368-478G (1849-1924, Watsonville doctor, died in Hayward).
  • Bonham, J. F. p364/472G, Watsonville dentist.
  • French, Sherman p283/357G, born in Watsonville 1865 but parents not named.
  • Greene, W. H., p249/309G, Soquel mason (not related to Edward Greene).
  • Henry, Edward, p.363, Pajaro Valley farmer.
  • Jeter, Seaborn, p.338, pack mule contractor for Loma Prieta Lumber Company, resident of San Jose.
  • Leavitt, Edgar, p.349, Universalist minister, arrived 1889.
  • Mann, Jefferson L., p.283. Born 1864 in San Jose; to Pajaro Valley with foster father (unnamed) in 1869.
  • Marks, Joseph E., p.345. Came to Santa Cruz as a lawyer in 1883.
  • Maxcy, William E., p.275. Worked for Davis & Cowell as a wharfinger, and later "he engaged in the liquor business."
  • Miller, W. H., p.328.
  • Morey, John J. (b.1863 in CA, p.283). Watsonville bank cashier, secretary. Not related to A. A. Morey (1848-1933).
  • Porter, Frank A., born in Soquel (1866-1892, p.279). Not related to the well-known Porter family.
  • Pringle, Reuben H. (p.279) owned a house on Ocean St. Brother Calvin (1847-1868) at Evergreen.
  • Thompson, Francis Wadley (p.278), born 1865 in California. Came to Santa Cruz in 1884; worked at the Santa Cruz Carriage Factory.
  • Trippe, Franklin (p.343), born NY 1859, to SC in 1887, lawyer; no burial records for anyone named Trippe.
  • Vale, Charles, born 1815 in England, retired to Santa Cruz in 1884.
  • White, William A., born 1867 in Pajaro Valley (parents not identified), and moved out of the area ca. 1890.

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