Peck, Henry W.

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Henry Winegar Peck (1818-1873), born in New York, married Maria Antonia (Castro) Lodge in 1851, settling on land that is now in the center of Soquel village, where she had inherited one-ninth of her parents Rancho Soquel land grant. Upon Henry's 1873 death, his farm was acquired by Elon G. Peck - also born in NY and possibly a relative.

  • Chester Winans Peck (Riptide CE26, Soc. of Pioneers); no indications of family connections to other local Pecks.
  • Henry Martin Peck (Riptide CE27, Soc. of Pioneers) and Nicholas Thomas Peck (Riptide CE26, Soc. of Pioneers) also appear to be unrelated to any others.