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The "Centennial Edition" of Riptide magazine was published in 1950 - in several installments, containing many historical biographies of "pioneers" who came to California prior to statehood, and had at least some connection to the original Santa Cruz County (which extended further up the coast past Pescadero). No one claimed authorship at the time, and it's still not clear who the writer(s) was/were (the pen name "Aunt Mathilda" was used). Sources for pre-statehood information are not always given.

Local researcher Robert Nelson created pdf versions of individual photographed pages, which are accessible online in the MAH online archives. There's also an alphabetical biography index, in Excel spreadsheet format. Page numbers used here are from the online index (e.g. CE2). Be aware, however, that some text is cut off because of page misalignment during photography.

All Riptide issues are available on microfilm at SCPL. Individual issues contain biographical information in addition to those found in the Centennial Edition.

Several state-prominent but not-very-local persons have biographies in the Riptide Centennial:

  • Delos R. Ashley was a 49er who lived and practiced law in Monterey in the 1850s. He was a US congressman from the district that included Santa Cruz County, and was a silent partner in the early days of the Pacific Sentinel newspaper, before it moved to Santa Cruz.
  • Faxon D. Atherton (CE25 1815-1877), for whom the town of Atherton was named in 1923.
  • John C. Fremont had a large presence in pre-statehood California, but his influence in our area was limited to one or two recruiting visits to Zayante in 1845-46.
  • Jesse D. Carr (CE2, with photo) acquired part of Rancho Salsipuedes for a few years in the early 1850s, but became prominent in other parts of the state.
  • Cornelius Cole (CE20, with photo) owned a Santa Cruz home in the 1850s-60s, but was active elsewhere.
  • Samuel J. Hensley 1817-1866 (CE13) was a prominent figure in pre-gold-rush overland immigration to California, but had minimal connection to this area.
  • John Parrott (CPL12, 1811-1884) was prominent in Butte County where he acquired Rancho Llano Seco, and later in San Mateo County, but had little to do with Santa Cruz County.
  • James Frazier Reed (CPL13) spent a couple of seasons prospecting for gold near Felton, but lived in San Jose. Reed's daughter Martha moved to our area.
  • William Tecumseh Sherman (who later became the famous Civil War general) was financially involved with some Pajaro Valley banking business in the 1850s, while stationed in Monterey with the US occupation forces, but was never a resident.
  • George Stoneman (CPL7), CA governor 1883-1887. The profile states that he was "one of the men engaged in setting out the town of Sta Cruz" (presumably while garrisoned at Monterey in 1849), but provides no sourcing.

Persons listed in Riptide with only minimal/incomplete/doubtful info or minimal local connections, and/or having entries that are not readable in the online version because parts of photographed pages are cut off:

  • Abell, Edward Meyers (see Sinclair, Fuller Prewitt); Adell; Richard (CE37, cut off), Adrian, A.; Aker, J. W. (CE40); Aldrich, G./George (G. and George (CE40) have separate entries but may have been the same person); Allen, Charles; Allen, George T.; Allen, John (CE40, Mormon Battalion); Ames, Josiah P. (Pescadero); Allen, Jane; Allen, John; Anderson, Milton (CE32); Andrews, George W. (CE32); Anges, H.; Anglin, Aaron; Arrendiell, Benjamin W.; Auld, Ossian G. (CE37),
  • Badger, William G.; Baker, Elija; Baker, Isaac Munroe; Baker, J. (CE37); Baptiste, Jean; Barham, James F. (CPL5); Barton, John R; Barton, William (CE8); Bassett, Vincente (CE32); Bawden, Joseph L; Baxter, John A (CE6); Bayley, Benjamin Franklin; Bean, Charles Whitman (CE8); Bellamy, George W. (CE5); Benson, Christian (CE34); Bertrand (no first name); Blasdel, Henry G.; Boan [Bowen?], A.D.; Bodfish, George H. (CE28); Bolado, Joaquin (cut off); Bonham, Dr. J.F.; Bonsal, Jacob (sp?); Boucher, James; Bourne, William Dawkins (CE31); Bowen, Thomas (CE36, cut off); Bowent Thomas W.; Bowie, Hamilton; Boyle, Henry G. (Mormon Battalion); Boyle, John Joseph; Bradley, James A; Brady, Francis R. (CE30, cut off); Brady, John F.; Brewley, Jackson (sp?); Brown, Charles; Brummett, James (CE5); Buckley, Thomas; Bundeson, Marcus (CE41); Burke, James (CE41); Burland, Robert (CPL1); Burrell (CE43); Butler, Warren C. (CE41); Buzzell, Francis (CE34); Buzzell, Willard Joseph (CE41); Byrd, Thomas;
  • Cadish, D. (CE38); Calkin, Milo (CE33, cut off); Call, Maria del Carmen (CE39); Callaghan, William (CE16); Callihan, William (CE10); Cambuston, Enrique; Campbell, Jonathan; Campbell, Peter; Campbell, William; Cannon, Edward C.; Carpenter, John; Carver, Isaac, S.; Chalmers, George; Champlin, Joel; Chandler, Reuben T.; Chase, Squire; Cheeseman, Elijah (CE41); Clark, John G (CE33); Clements, Robert E; Clinkerfuss, Frederick; Coles, Henry; Collins, Peter, Connell, John; Conover, Simpson (aka Sidney, CE10); Cooke, Dennis; Cooley, R. M.; Courtney, Isaac (cut off); Covell, W.A.; Cox, David; Coyle, William; Crabb, J.D.; Crawford, Thomas (CE29); Crooks (no first name); Culber, A.L. (CE28); Cullen, James; Cushing, Nicholas (CE6); Cushing, Simeon M. (CE38); Custer, John (CE38); Cutler, John;
  • Daley, J.H. (CE15), Dance, Joseph A. (CE24); Daniels, Francis (CE39); Dart, Harrison (CE7, cut off); Davis, Francis (CE24); Davis, George W (CE17); Davis, Peter J (CE13, cut off); Davis, Thomas (CE13); Dean, George C (CE24); DeLong, Abram (CE23); Depeaux, Louis (see Castro family); Devoll, Philip H. (CE36, cut off); Diley, J.B. (CE11); Doak, John (CE24); Dockery, John (CE24); Dotter, W.C. (CPL5); Dryden, Rev. David A (CPL7); Dunlap, John (CE15); Dunlap, William (CE26); Dunne, John D. (CE17); Dye, Clarkson (CE25); Dye, Dr. (CE25); Dye, Hazzard (CE25);
  • Eaker, John W. (CE30); Eastham, Henry F. (CE8); Eberle, C.H. (CE20, cut off); Edwards, Daniel (CE32); Eldridge, George Washington (CE12); Elkins, G. (CE8); Ennis, John (CE17); Evans, O.H. (CE40);
  • Galway, James (CE12); Gambell, William (CE11); Gardner, J.H. (CE5, cut off); Garvey, Cornelius Thomas (CE11); Gibson, F.W. (CE41); Gilman, John B (CE5); Gilston, James M. (CE29); Gilt, Enrique (CE28, iffy ID); Givens, George F (CE5); Glassell, Andrew (CE12); Glover, Asa C (CE11); Goddard, William A.B. (CE41); Gordon, James (CE12); Gordon, Nicholas (CE11); Graham, A.D. (CE15); Graham, Major John W. (brother of Isaac, CE36); Green, John D. (CE36); Grey, Joseph (CE34); Griffith, William (CE6); Grigsby, Sampson F (CE11); Grins, John (CE42); Grivs, John (CE42); Guerraz, John (CE9); Gum, Gabriel W. (CE6)
  • Hackett, John K (CE30); Haight, Lansing (CE35); Haight, Samuel W. (CE36); Hall, R.J. (CE34); Hall, Samuel P. (CE41); Ham, Jeremiah (CE9); Ham, Jonathan Bates (CE11); Hamlin, Orrin (CE6); Harding, Isaac (CE40); Hardy, Isaac (CE18); Hardy, Johanna (CE12); Hardy, John C (CE6); Harpole, Sampson (CE6); Harrison, Jonathan (CE9); Haskell, John W. (CE11); Haun (CE32, no first name); Hayden, George W. (CE10); Henderson, H.L. (CE10); Henderson, William T.L. (CE13); Hendricks, Abraham (CPL2); Herbert, John (CE41); Hewett, Adam (CE5); Hickey, Cornelius (CE6); Highmoor, Joseph (CE36); Hill, Pleasant (CE14); Hill, J Bryant (CPL2; see Farnham); Hills, N. Bonaparte (CPL2; Soc. of Pioneers has a Nathaniel Bingham Hills); Hinckley, Roger Gibson (CPL2); Hobbs, James H (CE29); Hodgdon, H.A. (CPL5); Holbrook, Washington (CE30, cut off); Hollenbeck, Thomas (CE11); Hook, Solomon (CE31); Hopper, Charles (CE12); Hopper, Thomas (CE6); Horn, William Henry (CE41); Houck, Phillip (CE2); Hoy, Jones (CE30); Hubbard, George C. (CE34, NY Vols.); Huddart, John M. (CE14); Hulett, Obediah (CE39); Hull, Elisha (CE11); Hutchinson, William A. (CE41);
  • Joyce, Willis W.
  • Kuttner, J. (CE28);
  • Lathrop, Levi B. (CE36);
  • Manning, David, Mattison, Robert William (CE19); McFarland, Rhoda Ann; McKamish, James; McKarahar, John; Munson, Joseph;
  • Packard, Albert; Palasko, J; Palmer, John (CPL13, see Catherine Bennett); Parker, Parker, Robert A (CPL13); Parker, Richard (CPL13); Parker, William C (CPL13); Parry, Dr. Isaac (CPL12); Parsons, Henry F. (not Henry Fell Parsons, CPL12): Patrick, Joshua (CPL12, cut off); Peace, James (CPL12); Peckham, John F. (CPL12); Pederick, Joshua (CPL12); Pelton, John Colter (CPL12, not the Pelton Ave. Pelton); Penfield, Edwin S. (CPL12); Perkins, John G. (CPL12); Perry, George (CPL12); Phillips, Bonaparte (CPL6); Pioda, Paul (CPL6, Belgian); Poilo, Pierre Francois (CPL5, French); Polasko, J (CPL6); Poncabaro, Augustus (CPL6); Porter, Thomas R. (not rel. to other Porters); Powell, John W. (CPL12); Price, Rodman (CPL12)
  • Quick, M.W. CE30;
  • Reed, Joseph (CPL15); Reed, Mrs. Margaret W. (CPL15, portrait but no text); Richards, John D (CPL15); Richardson, Henry (CPL15); Richardson, John A. (CPL15); Ridley, Robert (CPL15); Ring, David (CE30); Roach, Philip (CPL15); Roach, Philip A (CE4); Roadhouse, Joseph A. (CPL15); Roan, Francis (CPL15); Roberts, Samuel (CPL15); Roberts, William (CPL15), Robertson, John (CPL15); Robertson, Stanley L (CPL15); Rowe, William Henry (CE4); Runhardt, G.H. (CPL15); Rupe, James (CPL13, cut off); Ryder, D.F. (CPL15); Ryder, David N. (CPL15)
  • St. Johns, Augustus A. (CE43); Sanborn, O.S. (CE31); Sanford, Asa Preston (CE35); Sanford, Fred H; Saunders, John (CE41); Saxon, William; Sayre, George; Sayres, Robert; Schallenberger, Moses (CE11); Schultz, Cincinnatus; Scott, John (CE2); Sears, Robert; Sheall, John; Shelby, John Lafayette (CE28, cut off); Shulters, John; Sime, John; Simonds, E.C. (CE41); Simms, Middletown Ward (CE11); Sirrine, George W. (CE12); Skinner, A.A. (CE14); Skinner, John (CE34, NY Vols.); Slidell, John (CE6); Smith, Alexander (CE6); Smith, Columbus H (CE8); Smith, Capt. Edward L.B. (CE30); Smith, G. W. (CE36); Smith, Henry (CE9); Smith, Henry Charles (CE19); Smith, Hiram (CE41); Smith, John Morgan (CE2); Smith, Napoleon Bonaparte (CE12); Smith, Orrin (CE5); Smith, William H (CE28); Spect, Henry (CE36); Speegle, William R. (CE28, Pajaro); Stevens, Benjamin F (CPL7); Stevens, Lewis (CPL5); Stevens, Robert (CPL8); Stevenson, Dr. C.P. (CPL8); Stewart, Robert B. (CPL7); Stone, William H (CPL7); Stowe, W.W. (CPL7); Stowell, Levi (CPL7); Suwerkroop, E.A. (CPL8)
  • Tait, John (CPL8); Tanner, Albert Mills (CPL10); Taylor, Alexander (CPL9); Taylor, Joseph Powell (CPL9); Taylor, William (CPL5, Meth. minister, book in SCPL); Teschemacher, F.H. (CPL10); Thomas, Elijah (CPL10); Thomas, John W. (CPL9); Thompson, James (CPL10); Tittle, Frederick G. (CPL8); Trout, Emanuel Thomas (CPL9); Tuffey, Jonathan (CPL9); Turner, Henry S. (CPL9); Tuttle, Capt (CPL8); Tyrrin, George (CPL8); Tyus, John Burton (CPL8)
  • Van Anda, Jane; Van Allen, John (CPL11); Van Bussum, Joseph V (CPL11); Vanaker, Paul (CPL11); Vermule, Thomas L (CPL11); Vincent, Capt. (CPL11)
  • Wade, Edward (CPL10); Wakeman, F.O. (CPL9); Waldrop (CPL11, cut off); Ward, Michael (CPL11); Washburn, Harvey (CPL11); Washburn, John Helms (CPL11); Washum, Sol (CPL11); Watkins, B.F. (CPL11); Watson, Frank (CPL11); Watson, Jacob (CPL11); Watson, William (CPL11); Watson, Henry (CPL11); Wheeler, Charles (CPL3); Whinery, Henry (CPL3); Whisman, J. Washington (CPL3); White, Edward (CPL6); Whiting, B.C. (CPL3); Wiggins, William (CPL3); Wilkin, Stehen (CPL3); Willetts, Joseph D. (CPL3); Woods, David C (CPL3, mariner); Woods, Isaiah C. (CPL6); Woodworth, Selim E. (CE33); Wooley, William (CPL3, NY vols); Woostell, M.G. (CPL3)

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