Imus-Rice family

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The Imus-Rice family were pioneer settlers in Santa Cruz, beginning with the arrival of Charles Imus (1802-1856) and his nephew (also Charles, known as Charlie), who came to California in 1846, and to Santa Cruz in 1848. Numerous relatives followed, including Charles' parents, Hiram A. (Sr.) and Ruth (Palmer) Imus. Henry Rice was an in-law.

  • Evergreen Cemetery of Santa Cruz (2020 book) has a biography of the combined family. Author Traci Bliss is a descendant. The family was instrumental in establishing the cemetery, and many members are buried there.
  • Hiram A. Imus Jr. (1802-1876) served a term in the state legislature (1859). Henry Rice also served a term in the state legislature (1876).
  • Henry Rice daughter Jane (1838-1912) married James FitzJames Bennett.
  • Hiram A. Imus Jr. daughter Emily (1831-1915) married Isaac Holcomb (Riptide CE30)
  • Riptide (CPL6) has a short profile of Thomas James Phillips, stating that he "saved the Imus party in '50.".