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All members of the Santa Cruz chapter of the Society of California Pioneers have biographies in Santa Cruz County History Journal Number 4 (expanded from the originals by the editors). Many spouses and children of pioneers were also members. F. A. Hihn founded the local Society chapter in 1881. Non-County-resident member biographies in HJ4 include:

  • John C. Fremont was made an honorary member.
  • Peter L. Wimmer (co-discoverer of American River gold nugget, with James W. Marshall) was made an honorary member in 1887.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt was made an honorary member when he visited Santa Cruz in 1903.

Those members not yet having pages here: Arrendiell, Benjamin W., Austin, Levi B., Barnhart, Henry, Baxter, Henry V., Baxter, William H., Bird, Samuel, Blanchard, Seth, Blodgett, Sanford, Bowman, John, Bradley, Otho I., Brown, John A., Bryant, Robert, Cahoon, Benjamin E. [also sons Edward, Edwin and Fred; and Edward's wife Charlotte], Clark, Daniel A., Cook, Dennis, Courtright, William H., Dart, Harrison, Denison, Luther M., [also wife Rebecca (Walters); daughters Effie (Gassaway) and Dora (Hammar)], Doyle, John, Dillon, James M. [and wife Anna (Sargent)], Dyer, George, Eberle, Charles H. [and son Charles E.], Edwards, Daniel, Eldridge, George W., Ewing, Simon B., Felker, William, Fitzgibbons, Maurice, Fluent, James S., Francis, Joseph [and daughter Belle (Bliss)], Fraser, George P., Freels, John T., Gallapher, Joseph, Green, Samuel G., Greene, William H. [also wife Marie (Wheaton), and daughter Della (West)], Griffith, Frank, Halstead, James L., Handy, Raymond B., Harvey, William T., Hawkins, Abraham B., Hills, Nathaniel B., Hodgdon, Charles, Hodgdon, Henry A., Howland, Sabin, Hudson, James B. [and wife Orlena (Adams)], Hunt, Stephen H., Hunter, Katherine (Imus) [daughter of Hiram A. Imus Jr.], Huntoon, Marcellus, Hussey, Charles S., Johnson, Dorastus, Jones, Edmund, Joyce, William W., Knowlton, Joseph, Larson, Eric, Locke, David M., Locke, Josiah R., Lunt, Amos, Mann, Eliza (Haun) [wife of Christopher Mann]], Manning, David, McCollum, Joseph, McDuffie, Elisha, McKamish, James, McKean, Ambrose A., McMillan, Daniel, Meyer, Jacob K. [wife Caroline], Monteath, Daniel, Munson, Joseph, Noble, August [and wife Johannah], Page, Reuben F., Pelessier, Joseph, Peterson, Peter, Phillips, Bonaparte, Phillips, James B., Prewitt, James L., Redman, Kendrick F., Roache, William [son Alexander, daughter Vorah (Sinclair), and wife Edith], Robb, Thomas P., Rowe, William Henry, Ryder, Charles H., Seaver, William H., See, Lewis A., Seelye, Farnham D., Sharp, Samuel, Simms, Middleton W., Skinner, Elisha C., Speegle, William R., Stanley, John R. [also son J. R. Jr.], Thompson, Richard, Trimble, Thomas G., [also wife Anna (Maguire)], Trout, Emanuel T., Waite, James S., Walker, Samuel, [also wife Rosella (Besse)], Wardwell, Gideon C., Washburn, John H., Washburn, Solomon, Whinery, Henry, White, Edward A., Wright, Elihu, Yoacham, John S., Ziegler, Gottlob

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