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90 persons have short biographies in the book: History of Santa Cruz, California (Martin, 1911). Those not yet having biographical pages in this wiki include: Abbott, A. G., Alexander, T. D., Bardmess, Abram, Beechler, James, Cassin, Charles M., Congdon, Willis R., Covell, John H., Cox, A. W., Cox, Louis M., Drullard, T. W., Freiermuth, Harry D., Grimes, Michael, Grimmer, J. M., Hartman, Isaiah, Hassett, P., Helmer, Lawrence P., Hodgdon, George R., Horstman, William F., Horton, William A., Ingham, James, Joy, A. E., Judd, A. N., Kelly, Edward J., Krough, Fred P., Lamb, William H., McGowan, Matthew J., MacQuiddy, F. S., Maher, David F., Maher, J. B., Menasco, J. S., Miller, Fred W., Miller, Samuel E., Morehead, George A., Oliver, William, Peery, Joseph W., Perkins, J. B., Petersen, Henry A., Prettyman, F. D., Silliman, Charles O., Smith, Charles, Thompson, Peter J., Thurwachter, Frederick, Trafton, George A., Volck, William H., Walti, Fred R., Weisenburger, H. C., White, Edward, Wood, Hiram J.,