Field, Storer W.

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Storer Woodbury Field (d.1892), a native of Massachusetts, came to Santa Cruz in 1859, and was shown as a property owner ("residence") on the 1866 Santa Cruz map, in "Block No. 3" (Locust Street). The 1860 house remains today, at the top of the steps from Chestnut Street up to the end of upper Locust (the steps climb the cut created when the 1960s Chestnut St. extension cut through Locust Street).

Field began 1867 in a new general store partnership with James W. Brown, on the ground floor of a new Mission Street building that later became the St. Charles Hotel. The other ground-floor tenant was the Anthony & Heath hardware store (William Anthony and Charles H. Heath).

Field served as County Treasurer in 1864-65, and was elected first president of the three-person Town of Santa Cruz Board of Directors in 1866.

Daughter Lucy Maria Field Wanzer (1841-1933) became the first woman to receive a medical degree from a California medical school (1876), and she went on to a medical practice in San Francisco.