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War veterans who ended up in the Santa Cruz area can be categorized as those who:

  1. Served prior to coming here. These included: Woods
  2. Enlisted with Fremont's California Battalion after arrival in California. These included: Ashley, Baldwin, Blackburn, Daubenbiss, Hames, Sinclair, Snyder, Sweet,
  3. Came by sea with their US Navy or Army units. These included: John Custer (Riptide CE38); Abraham Hendricks (Riptide CPL2)
  4. Came to San Francisco by sea in 1847 with Stevenson's Regiment of New York Volunteers. These included Stevenson himself, and: Ball, Dreher, Samuel W. Haight (Riptide CE36), Kooser, Norris, Roach, Augustus A. St. Johns (Riptide CE43);
  5. Came by land to San Diego in 1847 with the Mormon Battalion. These included: John Allen (Riptide CE40)