Rodriguez family

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The Rodriguez family was one of the earliest and most important of the Californio families in what is now Santa Cruz County.

  • Jose Antonio was a native of Compostela, Jalisco. From Rowland:
    • 1782 - married while a soldado de cuera ("leather-jacket" soldier) at Mission San Gabriel. They had nine children who lived to adulthood.
    • 1786 - was at Monterey when first son Sebastian was born
    • 1787 - was a member of the escolta (military detachment) at Mission Soledad
    • 1798 - was one of six invalidos (retired soldier) who came, with his family, to live in the newly-established Villa de Branciforte
    • 1811 - was comisionado (military representative) of the Monterey Presidio at Branciforte
    • 1820 - died; buried at Mission San Carlos