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The Santa Cruz County Online History Journal (OHJ) is the online complement to the Category:Santa Cruz County History Journal. Articles are listed below in the same order as on the OHJ webpage. All online articles are in pdf format, and can be downloaded/printed.

  1. 2024. Pioneer German-Speakers of Santa Cruz County (an expansion of History Pages: 13 - Pioneer German-Speakers of Santa Cruz County)
  2. 2024 (update). From Natural Bridges to Bird Rock: An Exploration Through Vintage Postcards and Photographs
  3. 2023. "Pasatiempo: History and Architecture of a Planned Development" [republication of 1979 Chapter Eleven from The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture (2005 book)]
  4. 2023 (update and addendum). The Bostons: A Pioneer Family of Santa Cruz County
  5. 2022. A Gathering of Earnest Women
  6. 2022. Notes on the History of Santa Cruz Wharves
  7. 2022. Books on Santa Cruz County History: a List by Year of Publication (OHJ article)
  8. 2020. A Cachet History of Santa Cruz County
  9. 2021. Pseudo Santa Cruz
  10. 2021. Woodsman Immortalized on Historic Postcards
  11. 2018. An Alternative History of Santa Cruz County
  12. 2016. "A Gift to the City: The Post Office Murals of Henrietta Shore", republished with color images from Santa Cruz County History Journal Number 6
  13. 2015. Dissecting “Jumbo”: A Picture Postcard History
  14. 2015. The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Santa Cruz County, California
  15. 2018. Every Structure Tells A Story, unedited republishing of a 1990 book
  16. 2014. Rose Rostron: Santa Cruz County’s First Female Supervisor
  17. 2013. Santa Cruz Egg Laying Contest: 1918-1931
  18. 2013. Lee Dill Esty: Architect from Soquel
  19. 2017. Elihu Anthony (1818 – 1905): A Pioneer of the Pioneers of California
  20. 2020. Harry A. Kay 1930s Santa Cruz Photographer
  21. 2020. Trade Warrants in Depression Era Santa Cruz
  22. 2020. The Largest Rose Tree in the World, Santa Cruz
  23. 2020. The Curious Case of Curious Canyon
  24. 2021. Naming of Capitola
  25. 2021. The History of the William Kerr House