The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture (2005 book)

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The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture, by John Leighton Chase, a unique combination of architectural critique and local history, was first published in 1975. A 1979 second edition added maps and a Pasatiempo chapter by Daniel P. Gregory. A 2005 third edition, edited by Judith Steen, was further expanded, and published by the Santa Cruz MAH. It was reprinted with a few corrections in 2007. The book has eleven chapters corresponding to neighborhoods:

  • One: "West Cliff Drive and Beach Hill" (West Cliff is part of the Westside)
  • Two: "Downtown, South of Lincoln" (part of Downtown)
  • Three: "Downtown, North of Lincoln" (part of Downtown)
  • Four: "Mission Hill"
  • Five: "Downtown"
  • Six: "River-Ocean-Branciforte" (part of Eastside)
  • Seven: "Eastside"
  • Eight: "Seabright" (part of Eastside)
  • Nine: "Westside"
  • Ten: "UCSC"
  • Eleven: "Pasatiempo" [Note: this chapter will be removed from the print 4th edition, to be published separately in the MAH Online History Journal].