Sidewalk Companion 4th ed. walking tour

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Here are the images used to accompany the short Dec 2, 2023 walking tour.
The tour began in the MAH atrium.

1. 1940: the 1937 jail, which was incorporated into today's MAH complex
2. 1880: corner of Front Street and Cooper Street; 1866 courthouse at right; 1877 City Hall at left
3. 1878: fire alarm bell tower under construction, behind City Hall
4. 1890 jail after 1920, joined to former city hall
5. 1937: demolition of the 1890 jail
6. 1882: corner of Pacific Avenue and Cooper Street. Only the Octagon remains today.
7. 1894: Pacific Avenue, looking south after the fire toward the Pacific-Cooper corner shown above
8. 1894: Pacific Avenue, looking north across Cooper Street after the fire
9. 1905: Sanborn map of the interconnected county buildings after the 1894 courthouse was built
10. 1894: the new County Bank building, with The Gem to its left
11. 1989 Pacific Avenue and Cooper Street post-earthquake
12. 1990: a historical plaque was placed on the former County Bank wall
13. 1970s: County Bank, with the Staffler building to its left
14. 1920: the Staffler residence is the 2-story house on the corner to the right, across Cedar Street from the Santa Cruz Hotel