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Santa Cruz County History Journal Number 9 was titled LandScapes: Activism That Shaped Santa Cruz County 1955-2005. Edited by Elizabeth Schilling, it was published in 2018, and is available from MAH Publications.

  • "7 Years and 7.7 Miles of Highway", by Jill Ramar
  • "Saving Lighthouse Field", by Gary A. Patton
  • "Doodles From the Dais" [#1-7], by Jerry Bowden
  • "City of Santa Cruz v. Metromedia", by Jerry Bowden
  • "Down By the Riverside", by Carey Casey
  • "Land Use Controversies in the San Lorenzo Valley . . .", by Nancy Macy
  • "Grassroots Activism: . . . North Coast", by Celia and Peter Scott
  • "Save the Glenwood", by Deborah Muth
  • "The Making of a UC Campus at Santa Cruz", by Frank Zwart
  • "Between the Gulches: The Twin Fates of Live Oak Cityhood and the Broadway-Brommer Road", by Linda Wilshusen
  • "Q and A on Growth Management . . .", by Nick Ibarra
  • "Pajaro Valley Agricultural Lands: . . .", by Robley Levy
  • "Grassroots in the Wetlands: . . . Watsonville Slough Watershed", by Donna Bradford and Christine Johnson-Lyons
  • ". . . Historic Preservation Programs . . . Santa Cruz and Watsonville", by Don Lauritson
  • "How Grassroots Community Activism . . . Santa Cruz Mission SHP", by Bonny Hawley, Jessica Kusz, and Peg Danielson
  • "An Alternative History of Santa Cruz", by Frank Perry
  • Index by Stanley Stevens

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