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Surf, Sand & Streetcars, by Charles S. McCaleb, was first published in 1977. The latest edition was "republished with author's addenda" in 2005 by MAH Publications. The book is a unique and comprehensive guide to the history of streetcar transportation in Santa Cruz, a system that extended as far as Capitola by 1900. A series of maps illustrates the changing locations of streetcar lines in 1875-79, 1890, 1892, and 1915.

Pages 111-115 contain brief biographical notes about a number of persons involved in the street railroad industry. See Category:Persons in Surf, Sand & Streetcars


  • The photo on p.11 identified as the "Hihn residence" is actually the William Kerr house in the area that is now Pasatiempo.
  • The maps on pages 34 and 58 show an electric streetcar line running from downtown to the beachfront on "Front Street Ext.", "3rd", and "Riverside". According to the 1892 Sanborn map, however, these street names are incorrect. Today's Laurel Street Extension already had that name in 1892 (on the Sanborn map) - not Front Street Extension. The section of Riverside Avenue shown on McCaleb's maps did not yet exist, but Leibrandt Street did. The streetcar line would have crossed Third Street (but not following it) to run on Leibrandt to the beach. The curved route of Leibrandt Street seems to indicate that it was created so that the streetcar line would not have to make any sharp turns.