Panorama 6: Swanton Bird's Eye View of Santa Cruz, ~1907

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1907 birds-eye-litho.jpg

One of the Panoramic views of Santa Cruz, 1870-1907

In 1906-1907, soon after completion of the second Casino, the last panoramic "bird's eye view" lithograph of Santa Cruz was produced (Bancroft Library, online here). It appears that entrepreneur Fred Swanton commissioned the work by San Francisco lithographers Britton & Rey to promote his Santa Cruz development projects - some of which were never completed (e.g. "Swanton Beach Park"). So this Santa Cruz view is as much aspirational as actual.

The date range for the composition can be deduced from two of the actual historical structures shown. The early end date is indicated by the presence of the second Casino, which was completed in late 1906-early 1907. The later end date is indicated by the presence of the Cowell wharf, which was fatally damaged by winter storms in 1907.