Horsnyder, John H.

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J. H. [John Henry] Horsnyder (1854-1927), born in Ohio, had established a "Druggist & Chemist" pharmacy business on Pacific Avenue by 1884. Business location history:

  • 1884-~1900. 152 Pacific (mid-block between Church and Walnut (photo at right)
  • ~1900-1906. 125 Pacific (approx. across from 152)
  • 1906-1937. 132 Pacific (Lucien Heath bldg @ sw corner of Church
  • 1937-1948. 108 Pacific (McPherson bldg. @ sw corner of Locust. Horsnyder's website has a 1948 photo)
  • 1948-present. Soquel Ave. at Seabright

Horsnyder Pharmacy remains in 2023, on Soquel Avenue in the Eastside neighborhood.